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National Assessment & Accreditation Council

Arihant Institute of Business Management – Committees

The purpose is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out institute activities and service projects.

In addition to planning events that contribute to institute spirit and community welfare, the student council is the voice of the student body. They help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the institute wide community.

Students who participate in student councils, under the supervision of a teacher or administrator, learn about the democratic process, civic responsibility, leadership, problem solving, and teamwork.

    1. Committee for SC/ST: (For the formulation of SC/ST Committee) 

    (As per the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, No. 33 OF 1989, dated11.09.1989)


    Objective of the Committee

    • To implement the reservation policy for SCs/STs in the institute.
    • To take such follow-up measures for achieving the objectives and targets laid down for the purpose by the Government of India and the UGC.
    • To implement, monitor, and evaluate continuously the reservation policy in the institute and plan measures for ensuring effective implementation of the policy and program of the Government of India.

The Committee for SC/ST is as follows:

Sr. No.Name of faculty / Staff / StudentDesignation
1Dr. Amit MedhekarDirector, AIBM
2Dr. Swapnali BhosaleTeacher Representative and Secretary
3Dr. Shrikant WaghulkarTeacher Representative
4Prof. Tabrej MullaTeacher Representative
5Mr. Ramkishan D. RautNon-Teaching Representative
6Ms.Sangita DoddbhammanwarNon-Teaching Representative
7Mr. Aman GhorpadeStudent Representative
8Ms. Janhavi PatilStudent Representative
  1. Grievance Redressal Committee 

(As per All India Council for Technical Education (Redressal of Grievance of Students) Regulation, 2019 vide F.No.1-101/PGRC/AICTE/Regulation/2019 dated 07.11.2019)


For the formulation of Grievance Redressal Committee

A Grievance means any grievance, which a student (whether or not that person has any other role within the institute) has against the institute and/or a staff member because of a claim that he/she has sustained academic disadvantage. This includes claims which are sometimes referred to as Student Complaints.


Such grievances may include but are not confined to:

  1. The unfair assessment, of course, work not otherwise governed by University assessment and examination regulations.
  2. An unfair refusal or failure of the staff member to make him/ herself available to assist a student with difficulties regarding his/her course work.
  3. Unreasonable delays in the assessment of course work.
  4. Inadequate course materials.
  5. Inadequate teaching.
  6. Deficient performance of associated administrative services.
Corporate Interface & Alumni Committee
Sr. No.Name of faculty / Staff / StudentDesignation Constitution
1Dr. Amit MedhekarDirector, AIBM
2Dr. Swapnali BhosaleTeacher Representative and Secretary
3Dr. Shrikant WaghulkarTeacher Representative
4Prof. Priyanka JadhavTeacher Representative
5Mr.Ganesh KumarNon-Teaching Representative
6Ms.Sangita DoddbhammanwarNon-Teaching Representative
7Mr. Shailesh BachateStudent Representative
8Ms. Rakhi WadhwaniStudent Representative
  1. Internal Complaint Committee 

(As per Section 4 All India Council for Technical Education (Gender Sensitization, Prevention and Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students and Redressal of Grievances in Technical Institutions) Regulations, 2016


Objective of the Committee

To help plan, implement, and monitor the initiatives which would help build an organization without gender biases, inequality and sexual harassment.

Process to resolve a complaint:

  • After receiving a written complaint the committee will acknowledge receipt of the complaint.
  • The committee members will meet and talk with the complainant.
  • The Committee will hold a meeting of members to explore options for formal and informal resolution as per the convenience of the complainant.
  • The committee will initiate detailed enquiry against the complaint received.
  • Steps like police complaint, termination etc. for safety of women employee and to prevent further Sexual Harassment will be taken.
  • After receiving the enquiry report, actions to be taken will be decided and initiated – Punishment, Compensation etc.
Internal Complaint Committee Constitution
Sr. NoName of faculty / MemberAuthority
1Dr.Amit MedhekarChairman
2Dr. Varada InamdarCoordinator
3Dr. Swapnali BhosaleMember
4Dr. Shrikant WaghulkarMember
5Ms.Sangita DoddbhammanwarAdmin Officer
6Mr. Dipak ShindeStudent Representative
7Ms. Shifa ChaudharyStudent Representative
8Ms. Siddhi PatilStudent Representative
9Mr. Prajwal BhosaleStudent Representative
  1. Anti-Ragging Committee & Squad 
  2. (As per All India Council for Technical Education notified Regulation for prevention and prohibition of ragging in AICTE approved Technical Institutions vide No. 37-3/Legal/ AICTE/ 2009 dated 01.07.2009)


Purpose of the Committee

The core purpose of the committee is compliance with the norms being established by the Governing institution. Such institution, with respect to this committee, is AICTE and its subsidiaries if any.


Objective of the Committee

  • To institute and implement a mechanism for Ragging-free environment for students on campus.
  • To ensure compliance with existing norms /Acts/legislation, set forward by the governing body.
The Anti - Ragging Committee is as follows:
Sr.No.Name of the memberDesignation
1Dr.Amit MedhekarChairman
2Mr.Rameshwar TurnarPSI, Police Station Warje, Near Mumbai Banglore Highway Warje Malwadi, N D A Road, Pune
3Adv. Ashwini PadaleAdvocate, Morwadi Court,Pimpri,Pune
4Mr Prashant NikamReporter- News24 Live, Local Media Representative
5Dr. Varada InamdarTeacher Representative
6Mrs. Vachhala Baban KanakeParent Representative
7Mr. Prakash HingneParent Representative
8Mr. Lovekush DhakadStudent Representative

5. Internal Quality Assurance Cell
The purpose of maintaining academic timetables and strategic priorities. Through this committee, the students shall be continuously monitored and ensured that students will not be lacking in their domain knowledge. The committee’s responsibilities include organizing guest lectures, workshops, orientation, convocation programs and maintaining coordination with the students etc.

Sr.No.Name of the memberDesignation
1Dr. Shrikant WaghulkarHead
2Dr. Swapnali BhosaleMember- Faculty
3Prof. Tabrej MullaMember- Faculty
4Mr. Atul MishraMember- Faculty
5Ms. Sangita DoddbhammanwarAdmin Officer
6Mr. Shubham ChowdhuryMember
7Anurag TiwariStudent Representative
8Mr.Rajendra BandalMember Local representative
9Sanchita NayakAlumni
10Mr. Vaibhav LonkarIndustry Representative
  1. Entrepreneurship Development Cell 

The cell would achieve this by way of providing the young entrepreneurs with resources, infrastructure, and opportunities as a platform to develop an association with the institute. The cell draws its authority from the powers delegated by the Governing Council through the Director to perform its tasks.


Objectives of the Cell

Keeping in mind the stakeholders of the Entrepreneur cell, with the broad purpose of building a strong network it is expected to get maximum contribution from the budding Entrepreneurs:

  1. To expand the network of Entrepreneurs
  2. To engage young minds with meaningful activity:
  3. Guest Sessions / activity evaluation
  4. Idea Generation

iii. Preparing Business plan/ canvas and checking its practicability.

  1. To spread the awareness of an Entrepreneur cell and generate an ecosystem.
  2. To maintain all the necessary records for the committee.
Sr.No.Name of the memberDesignation
1Dr. Varada InamdarHead-Faculty
2Prof. Satyajit IngawaleMember-Faculty
3Prof. Sameer PatilMember-Faculty
5Sarth PatankarVice Head-Student
6Vinay Anil GundMember
7Amandeep VermaMember
8Vaishnavi ThakurMember
9Atharva WargantiwarMember
10Anjali BavlekarMember
11Prerna RajputMember
  1. Examination Committee

The Examination Committee is an apex body of the Institute which is headed, by  Examination In-Charge (EI) and shall be facilitated by three sections, Examination, Record Maintenance, and Administration.


Objectives of the Committee:

– To conduct and Compile Internal Exams, Concurrent Evaluations.

– Ensuring students are attending internal and external exams and concurrent evaluations.

–Compile and display of the results and let the concerned faculty be aware o the same for future preparation.

Sr. No.Name of the memberDesignation
1Dr. Shrikant WaghulkarHead-Faculty
2Dr. Varada InamdarVice Head-Faculty
3Prof. Tabrej MullaMember-Faculty
4Dr. Bhagyashree PatilMember-Faculty
5Prof. Ankita NaikMember-Faculty
6Ms. Sangita DoddbhammanwarAdmin
7Mr. Mohan SinghOffice Superintendent
  1. Institution– Industry Cell / Placement Cell

Placement Cell

Placement cell is designed with an aim to have regular interaction with the corporate world. The cell would achieve this by way of various engagements with the industry such as guest sessions, workshops and by creating opportunities for final and summer placements. Moreover, the cell would also plan and execute regular training interventions with the students to bridge the gap between industry expectations and skills and competencies of the students.


Objectives of the Cell:

Keeping in mind the broad gamut of stakeholders of the placement cell, the purpose of committee is to arrive at a win-win situation for all by providing a meaningful career to all students enrolled. As an interface between corporate world and fresh management talent, we assume a greater responsibility of matching the right talent with the right set of companies to work for.


  1. To maintain continuous and mutually beneficial engagements with the industry by way of
  2. Arranging guest sessions of top executives across various sectors
  3. Organizing workshops by industry experts on various specialization related areas
  4. Arranging pre-placement presentations and placement processes on/off campus for final and summer placements.
  5. To design and implement the placement strategy for the entire year. Which includes,
  6. No. of companies to be targeted for the year, sectors to be focused upon.
  7. Evaluation of students on the basis of their employability quotient.
  8. Designing structured and specific training interventions as per student’s categorization.
  9. Communication with the companies on the basis of order of recruitment cycle.
  10. To brief and seek guidance from the Director and the Chairman on all strategic issues related with corporate relations.
  11. To be the interface between corporate world and students and manage effective communication at both the ends.
Sr.No.Name of the memberDesignation
1Dr. Amit MedhekarDirector
2Prof. Shweta SinghAssistant Professor – Training and Placement Officer
3Mr. Atul MishraMember
4Prof. Sameer PatilMember
5Prof. Dhrubo Joty BhakatMember
6Prof.Vinayak ShitoleMember
7Prof.Shriya KolheMember
8Pooja ChauhanStudent Representative
9Dipak ShindeStudent Representative
10Mr. Amar SaneSenior VP (HDFC Standard Life Insurance)
11Mr. Vaibhav LonkarVP, Human Resources (Lemma Technologies India Pvt Ltd)

Student Council Committee: 


Student Council is an organization conducted by students and supervised by faculty members / Mentors.

The Student Council is the representative student body which acts as the interface between the students and the management.

The Student Council ultimately operates with the objective of ensuring student welfare and actively engaging the students in the continuous growth of the students and ultimately of the institute.

Purpose of Student Council
The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out institute activities and service projects.

In addition to planning events that contribute to institute spirit and community welfare, the student council is the voice of the student body. They help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the institute wide community.

Students who participate in student councils, under the supervision of a teacher or administrator, learn about the democratic process, civic responsibility, leadership, problem solving, and teamwork.

Responsibilities of the Student Council

  • To promote the interests of students among the institute administration, and staff.
  • To inform students about any subject that concerns them.
  • To consult students on any issue of importance.
  • To organize educational and recreational activities for students.
  • To participate in developing the institute’s educational projects and to promote it to students.
  • To organize an activity to recognize the efforts of students involved in organizing institute activities.
  • To propose activities to the institute administration that would improve the quality of life in the institute.
  • To maintain good relations, out of mutual respect, with the institute staff (the director, teaching and non-teaching personnel).
  • To educate and enforce discipline and grooming norms at all times.


Sr. No.Name of Committee Faculty / Staff In-chargeStudent Head of the CommitteeStudent  Vice Head of the CommitteeStudent Members
1Corporate Interface & Alumni CommitteeDr. Swapnali Bhosale, Prof. Shweta Singh, Prof. Sankhadeep SarkarDevdatta ShuklaSanskriti AghavDevdatta Shukla, Sanskriti Aghav, Andaleeb Shaba, Tejaswini, Jayesh
2Cultural CommitteeDr. Bhagyashri Patil, Prof. Ankita NaikNishant Vishwas Sonwalkar Om Mahendra ShindeVishal Mourya, Kunal Nipurte, Srushti Pokharna, Rishiraj Roy, Sejal Patil, Prachi Vishwakarma, Bansi Gehri, Jaylakshmi
3Seminar & Press CommitteeDr. Sankhadeep Sarkar, Prof. Satyajit IngawaleSuraj JadhavJaylakshmiSuraj Jadhav, Jaylakshmi, Riya Gupta
4Social & Entrepreneurship CommitteeProf. Satyajit Ingawale, Dr. Varada Inamdar, Prof. Sameer PatilLivanshiSarth PatankarVinay Anil Gund, Amandeep Verma, Vaishnavi Thakur, Atharva Wargantiwar, Anjali Bavlekar, Prerna Rajput
5Sports CommitteeProf. Vinayak Shitole, Prof. Satyajit Ingawale, Prof. Sameer PatilSanket PatilPrerna RajputSarth Patankar, Prerna Rajput, Kiran Varma,  Sahil Ganshettiwar, Akash Jagtap, Shardul Vijay Chougule, Bhosale Prajwal, Priya Sharma, Anjali Ankush Bavalekar, Viraj Bhosale
6Technical (IT) CommitteeProf. Ganesh Kumar,  Prof. Vinayak ShitoleDipak ShindePriya SharmaJanvi chhabra, Dipak Shinde
8Research CommitteeDr. Shrikant Waghulkar, Dr. Deepali Bankapure, Dr. Amit MedhekarAvirup MondalYashank Pradip ThawareSourav Kumar, Tejaswini  Dhanaji Thorat, Subhajit Sasmal
9Grievances CommitteeDr. Swapnali Bhosale, Dr. Varada Inamdar, Sangita Doddbhammanwar, Prof. Ganesh KumarMr. Shailesh BachateMs. Rakhi WadhwaniMr. Shailesh Bachate, Ms. Rakhi Wadhwani

A.Y 2022-2023

Media Cell

Aim:  Media cell is established to play a significant role in projecting college activities, disseminating information for students related to admission, academics, co curricular activities, extension activities, examination, and achievements of the college. It is serving as an important link between students, teachers, and other stakeholders of the academic world.


Objectives of Committee:

  1. To establish better link of communication for achievements of the college through the electronic, print and social media platforms, specially, Newspapers, What’s App, Instagram and YouTube.
  2. To provide information about academic, co-cultural, and government programs to students and all other stakeholders.
  3. To provide information regarding educational and administrative decisions and notices of the college and the affiliating University.




  1. Manage Photography and Videography of special events.
  1. Overall management of all media related works.
  2. Live stream of webinars & various other events.
  3. Organize press releases in print & electronic media.
  4. Coordinate with empanelled Advertising Agency for circulation of Advertisements.
Sr. NoNameDesignation
1Dr. Amar NarkhedeChairman
2Prof. Tabrej MullaTeaching Representative
3Mr Ganesh KumarNon-Teaching Representative
4Ms. Sonika KumariNon-Teaching Representative
5Siddhant ChitreStudent Representative- Boy
6Vanshika SomaniStudent Representative-Girl
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